Study Loans

Pursuing education abroad is a substantial investment, often perceived as beyond reach for many aspiring students. At Kalpvriksh, we are committed to turning the impossible into possible. By leveraging financial aid and study loans, we ensure that financial constraints do not impede any student's academic journey. Regardless of your financial situation, we offer tailored solutions to make your dream university and course attainable.

In India, education loans are available in two primary categories: collateralized and non-collateralized. These loans vary in interest rates, risk, and principal amounts but are accessible to students planning to study abroad. Both private institutions and public banks provide these loans. We collaborate with leading institutions such as SBI, HDFC, ICICI, and PNB to secure the most favorable interest rates for our students. At Kalpvriksh, we facilitate connections with these banks, ensuring that your financial circumstances do not hinder your path to a brighter future.

Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend that all our students obtain travel insurance before embarking on their journey. While most universities provide health insurance to cover medical emergencies, travel insurance bridges the gap between your arrival and the commencement of university insurance. Kalpvriksh has partnered with reputable domestic travel insurance providers to ensure you receive top-tier service with minimal hassle. This proactive measure safeguards your well-being, allowing you to focus on your academic and personal growth abroad.


Money Transfer

During your stay abroad, there may be times when you need to transfer money from India to your foreign account. Reliable services such as Remitly, Wise, and Western Union offer seamless and secure money transfer solutions for students. Additionally, for those who prefer alternatives to online resources, the hawala system is available in India to facilitate these transfers. We provide guidance on choosing the most suitable and cost-effective options for your needs.


Finding suitable accommodation in a foreign country can be a challenging task, especially without prior exposure or expertise. At Kalpvriksh, our extensive experience in assisting students with their overseas education journeys enables us to provide valuable assistance in securing appropriate housing. While on-campus housing services offered by most universities are often the best choice, they can be difficult to secure. Other options include hostels and private rentals. However, it is important to be cautious of potential scams when searching for housing from abroad. We are here to support you throughout the process, ensuring you find safe and suitable accommodation.


Pre-departure Assistance

Congatulations! You have received an unconditional offer from your dream college and are ready to start your overseas journey. But wait! Confused on what your next steps should be? We understand, after all moving to a new country can make anyone anxious. We at Kalpvriksh recognise this and are available to help you every step of the way until you have completely settled in the new county.

At Kalpvriksh, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive support to ensure your overseas education experience is smooth, secure, and successful.