The United States of America is one of the most coveted countries in the world when it comes to studies or seeking job opportunities. Having a quarter of the world GDP it dwarfs every other country in almost every field. The country has the highest number of top-ranking universities attracting students from the world over. Opportunities abound in the USA, a land where immigrants and students can discover new horizons. One of the world's top innovators and experts in science, technology, engineering, math, industrialization, exploration and liberal arts, the country is also well appreciated for its lively campus life, freedom and quality of life. The US is a diverse country where people from all over the globe reside, causing it to be an amalgamation of many different lifestyles and cultures.

Wide range of universities and courses

Every year more than one million international students make a beeline to the United States, making it the most popular country for overseas education. It offers a wide variety of career opportunities in various fields to international students as one of the leading study abroad destinations with over 5600 universities ranging from beauty schools to Ivy League research universities. English is the official language of the US and is therefore most suitable for Indian students. One can find excellent programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Why Study in the USA?

In terms of education, the United States holds one of the largest and most comprehensive systems in the world. Universities in the United States offer academic qualifications that are well recognized within academia and the corporate world. In the USA students have numerous opportunities to pursue higher education and research with the freedom to customize and combine credits from various fields and courses.

Networking and post-study opportunities

The world’s largest IT and innovation companies like Google, Facebook, Oracle, JP Morgan Chase, Amazon, Apple, etc., operate from the US making it easier for students to find excellent internship opportunities while studying. Internships let students gain hands on experience while they are in college. It also assists them further when they graduate and begin looking for employment.

Networking at a good college is an important element in fostering invaluable lifelong connections, and the chances of such exposure in trade and industry at American universities provide an invaluable edge in career building.

What makes the USA one of the most preferred destinations in the world?

The economic and strong growth structure of USA makes it one of the most favoured countries amongst students and working professionals. A higher number of opportunities are available for those who have majored in the fields of film production, engineering, sciences, hospitality, business, finance, management, fintech, trade, marketing, healthcare, environment, information technology, etc.

The high standard of schooling, medical innovation and healthcare, per capita GDP, affordable living space, incredible natural beauty, and accessible transportation facilities make it one of the most preferred choices for Indian students

Earn while you learn

From the salary perspective, companies in the US pay much higher than their counterparts in other countries.

The US also has a widespread culture of part-time jobs for students to earn while they are studying. These part-time jobs also help students gain temporary work visas and so help diffuse the cost of education.

The headquarters of over 128 Fortune 500 Companies are also situated in different states of the US offering tremendous employment opportunities and hands-on field experience. Scholarships and financial assistance are available to international students in the USA.

International Exposure that Strengthens the CV

Students get the opportunity to work with affluent International Firms or Research Institutes and it reflects positively on their CV. Most of the institutes have some Tie up or the other with various good corporate employers and Researcher institutions.

Multiple Scholarships

US has a number of Scholarships and Grants for international students. This are obtained either internally from the University or from External Government Institutes or Foundations.It helps students to considerably defray their cost of studying in USA.

Research & Training Opportunities

Some of the worlds finest and well respected established research institutes are in USA and many students get the opportunity to enter these faculties and think tanks. Simultaneously while being a student one can assist a Professor by being a Teaching Assistant to help broaden ones knowledge and skill sets.

Career Opportunity

USA is a land of opportunity for immigrants and international students that provides ample career opportunities .Graduates from US Universities are in great demand in the international job market.

USA Education system enables that after completion of High School one can pursue the following degrees.

  • University level first stage
  • Associate Degree (AA)
  • Bachelor’s Degree (BS, BA)
  • Post-bachelor’s Diploma/Certificate
  • University level second stage
  • Master’s Degree (without thesis) (MS, MA, Mengg)
  • Master’s Degree research (with thesis)(MS, MA, Mengg)
  • University level third stage
  • Doctorate (Ph.D.)
Universities in USA

There are more than 4000 Public and Private Universities in USA with wide range of universities and colleges that offer degrees courses in all academic fields.

Top 10 Universities for foreign study in the USA are:
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Stanford University
  • Harvard University
  • California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
  • University of Chicago
  • Princeton University
  • Yale University
  • Cornell University
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • University of Pennsylvania


US universities applications take place all year around. New student applications start majorly at the start of fall (Aug-Sep), then spring (Jan-March), and very few offer programs for summer (May-June) semesters. However, it is better to apply as early as possible because the visa process might take up a considerable amount of your time.



International Students need to have a good GPA requirement to apply in some of the renowned Institutes of USA. Every institute has a certain requirement of GPA for Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs.

English Proficiency Test
All applicants are required to take a recognized English language proficiency test.
For undergraduate courses, a minimum TOEFL score of 80 is required
For post-graduate courses, a minimum of 90 is required
For undergraduate and post-graduate programs, a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 to 7 is required

Standardized Test
Most institutes requires students to clear specific exams/standardized tests. These standardized tests also aid students in qualifying for certain scholarships. For instance, students who have completed either an Undergraduate degree or a Diploma or Higher Senior Secondary School are generally required to provide SAT/ SAT Subject, ACT. AP scores. Post Graduate students are required to clear Graduate Record Examination (GRE) for most programs in the US. For certain programs, it is mandatory to clear have a Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT).