New Zealand is a place of solitude, silence, nature, and good scope for career building. With an excellent education system, dedicated universities and academic scholars, and brilliant quality of life, New Zealand is a complete package. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming, making international students feel comfortable, that aids in their academic growth.

Globally recognized degrees and courses, and research-based teaching will help you develop your analytical skills and prepare you for the work-life out of college. Being a safe and quiet country, it is the best choice for students as the peaceful environment stimulates the drive for education in students, aiding them in achieving their goals without hassles. The scenery is mesmerizing and you’re bound to fall in love with the natural beauty that this country has to offer.

Wide range of universities and courses

New Zealand offers quality education through eight of its world-class universities. The top three universities in the QS World University Ranking 2021 are The University of Auckland, University of Otago, and Victoria University of Wellington.

Level System of Education in New Zealand

New Zealand follows a 1-10 level system in education, where 1-6 levels cover up to school education and 7 to 10 include higher education up to PhD.

Seventh Level: Bachelor’s course (Duration-3 years) and Graduation Diploma (Duration-1 year)
Eighth Level: Post Graduate Diploma (Duration- 1 year)
Ninth Level: Master’s Degree
Tenth Level: Doctorate or PhD studies

Why study in New Zealand?
  • • New Zealand is the land of peace and prosperity. Students get excellent PR options if study and work in New Zealand for at least four years. A good salary and four years Master’s course also give PR benefits.
  • • Students can bring their partners through the PR program. One can study while another works, and enjoy the quality of living in this beautiful land of snowy mountains and alpine lakes.
  • • Initiate a promising career through a course in civil engineering, finance, food technologies, agriculture and the horticulture industry.
  • • Major employers of New Zealand are Foodstuffs, Woolworths NZ, Fletcher Building, Fonterra Co-operative Group, etc, These four companies employ more than eighty thousand people in the land of Kiwis.
Networking and post-study opportunities

The Essential Skills in Demand (ESID) by the government lists your skills and qualifications in a registry and makes it easier for you to get a job immediately after you complete your education. You can opt for a post-study work visa for the desired career path in New Zealand.

What makes New Zealand one of the most preferred destinations in the world?

The quality of life is simply unbeatable and first-timers always end up being enchanted by the scenic beauty. The multi-cultural environment is a perfect mix of a cosy indoor and adventurous outdoor lifestyle. The country has much more to offer than just education and if you’re looking for a quiet and serene life, then this should top your go-to list.

Earn and Learn

Some courses let you work while you complete them. Distance learning is a popular feature that lets students learn at their leisure and also earn a living.