Ireland offers specialized courses in pharmaceuticals, hospitality, healthcare, data sciences, marketing programs, and many more. The world’s leading corporate houses including HP, Google, IBM, LinkedIn, etc., have established their European head office in Ireland, thus offering ample opportunities for students to study, work, and settle in this beautiful Irish landscape.

Wide range of universities and courses

Some of the best courses in Ireland include Business analytics, banking, and Investments, Pharmaceuticals, Science, etc. There are over 2 dozen renowned universities such as Dublin Business School, Trinity College Dublin, University of Limerick, etc. The universities are spread over the country so opting for one closer to your preferred location isn’t difficult.

Irish Universities Intake Schedule

Autumn Intake: Early September to December
Spring Intake: January to May

Why study in Ireland?

If you’re considering studying in Europe, then Ireland could be your first choice. Thousands of courses and programs in over two dozen institutes all over the country offer a wide range of choices to students. Irish universities specialize in some key fields such as natural sciences, technology, humanities, and economics
High quality education and career opportunities are two of the main reasons students opt for Ireland. Moreover, Irish culture is intriguing to learn about. It preserves its history along with a hint of modernity that is much needed in this century. A perfect combo of city and country life makes it appealing to want to study and settle here.

Networking and post-study opportunities

Ireland offers a work visa to students after their graduation that is valid for 24 months depending upon the level of schooling. Also, students enrolled for degree programs that opt for internships in reputed firms have a very good chance to get selected post their graduation.

What makes Ireland one of the most preferred destinations in the world?

High-quality education, cultural experience, travelling opportunities, and wide scope for employment are what make Ireland one of the most preferred destinations in the world. Every year, close to 20,000 students come to Ireland for further studies. The rate of satisfaction is quite high too.

Earn and Learn

Part-time work opportunities, flexible working hours, relaxed work ethics, and courses that pay you are some of the great ways that you can earn while you learn. It is one of the benefits of Ireland that makes it easy to compensate for the slightly expensive lifestyle.