International students have a wide range of study options in Australia. Affordability and quality are outstanding features of Australia's education system. Australia has one of the highest standards of living in the world. After the United States and the United Kingdom, it has the third-largest number of international students. Students from India often choose Australia as their preferred choice of study destination. Many countries around the world recognize the value of Australian qualification.

International students have access to the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) for most courses and training undertaken in Australia. Its structure, as well as its rigour, makes Australia's quality assurance system unique in the world. The level of service and financial protection offered to international students and their parents are unparalleled.

Wide range of universities and courses

The main campus of an Australian university is located in each state and territory with 43 universities spread across the country. There are 29 study areas offered in Australia, from accounting and business to engineering and languages.

Why Study in Australia?

Living costs in Australia are significantly lower than those in the United States and the UK. As a result of current Australian immigration laws, international students can work part time with a good salary for a certain amount of time each week, giving Australia an edge over the USA and UK. Australia is known for its group of 8 world renowned and highly ranked universities e.g. Melbourne University, Australian National university etc.

Networking and post-study opportunities

If you choose to live and work in Australia, you would be joining the ranks of an expatriate hotspot. The country is seeking skilled workers across a range of industries. The outlook is good for graduates and professionals, who are likely to find plenty of opportunities in the country.

What makes Australia one of the most preferred destinations in the world?

Australia is one of the most highly developed countries in the world. It has unique natural wonders and exotic wildlife. The country has a rich cultural heritage with students and professionals from around the world choosing it as one of the most preferred career destinations. Australia provides extremely favourable stay back options for all students with visa extensions and work permits.

Earn while you learn

International students flock to Australia as it is one of the most popular destinations. There are many universities in Australia, providing you with a wide range of opportunities. Working while studying is a privilege available to every international student in Australia.

Additionally, working in a foreign country provides you with opportunities to supplement your living expenses, as well as building your self esteem and managing your schedule. All international students are entitled to The Fair Work Act that ensures the right to minimum wages. During your semesters, you can work 40 hours per fortnight when on a Student Visa. The summer and winter break allow you to work full time.