France is considered as a 3rd Leading Host Country for Higher Education. Studying in France gives international students the opportunity to learn the language and gain a cultural perspective. Students will appreciate the beautiful, developed cities and the great variety of social life available.  French people have a tradition to welcome foreign students from all across the world. 


Germany is a favorite destination for most of the Students since the tuition fee in Public University is Zero or bare Minimum and the education methodology in most of


Every year thousands of students from across the world make the trip to study in Spain. It has a rich history and culture and provides a complete package, Some of the Renowned Universities.


Czech Republic can be an excellent choice for a study destination. It is very Cost effective and the Living Cost is also reasonable, Some of the known Universities.


Hungary is becoming an increasingly popular study abroad destination – especially for medicine. Hungarian higher education has gained great credibility over the years in, among other things, it is a very strong tradition in the sciences. Beyond high-quality education.


International students from different corners of the world come to Italy for their higher education. Therefore, there is something amazing about education in Italy. Studying in


Poland, or the Republic of Poland, is a sovereign nation situated in Central Europe. In recent years, Poland has emerged as one of the top study destinations of the world. The Education fee is nominal and the living cost is also very nominal. It has some known Universities .


Finland has been successful in not only keeping progress in educational development but also doing a great job in setting a global standard. The cost of studying in Finland depends on the course and university international students choose. It also depends on the city they are choosing to live in.


One of the biggest names in the Eastern Europe, Latvia is situated on the coast of the Baltic Sea and Riga is the biggest of the Baltic countries which means that study in Latvia.


Lithuania are evaluated according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), with each year of study being awarded with 60 ECTS credits. Lithuania is the sister Country to Latvia.


Austria, which is officially known as the republic of Austria is a country that is landlocked with borders shared by Germany, Czech republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy and Switzerland and Liechtenstein.


All Swiss colleges share a drive for quality in educating and research, bringing about their predictable positioning among the best colleges on the planet. In fact, such a variety of Swiss colleges is positioned among the main 200 colleges worldwide that around half of all students in Switzerland can claim to go to one of those top organizations.


In Norway, courses usually start from August. Universities set their application deadlines between December 1 (the previous year) and March 15, although some schools may have “pre-qualification” deadlines. If you want to come to Norway for your degree, do your research early to make sure you don’t miss application dates.


Denmark you can expect outstanding quality and academic standards that are recognised worldwide. You can choose between a wide range of programmes taught in English, from natural sciences and engineering to architecture and design.


A real hidden gem for international students with a sense of adventure, Malta offers an excellent standard of education, an affordable standard of living, and plenty of exciting career opportunities in industries of the future such as gaming, block chain, and AI.


Portugal has a lower cost of living and lower tuition fees in comparison to many other European nations. Portugal boasts more than 125 private and public higher education institutions.